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With Tracy

Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey called life. I’ve had some pretty huge stumbles, and I’ve also learned some key lessons and tricks that have helped me recover from those stumbles. I want to share all of this with you – along with my current stumbles and imperfections. #stilllearningnewshit 

Ok, crash course in WHAT is Pretty Wrecked? WHY? And (most critically) HOW


Pretty Wrecked: Confessions of a Teen Addict and Her Road to Recovery is an account of my addiction to drugs and alcohol which had me crash and burn by 19 years old – yeah, 19. Now, at 47, I'm grateful to say I have been continuously sober for the past 28 years and living a dream life. Told in a series of easy-to-read digestible vignettes, Pretty Wrecked is brutally honest with a dark humor and laced with 1980s/90s nostalgia throughout. 


HOPE. Plain and simple. After a rather odd calling from the universe in the sauna (true story) telling me to DO SOMETHING about the staggering increase in alcohol and drug consumption, I began writing my story in April of 2023. Pretty Wrecked is the result of that calling. I am both immensely proud of this work and deeply hopeful that it will reach others still struggling.  

Why Now?

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All day long we are bombarded with sounds and lights and Go Go Go!  This all serves as a distraction from our lives, our day, our precious moments. And it's these moments, it's our mundane Wednesday (as Tim Urban would attest to in his essay) that IS our life. Now, more than ever, we need to consciencely work at having our feet on the ground. And that's what the final chapters of this book are about – it's about doing the f*cking work and consistently showing up. Stop watching the workout video, and pick up the weight! Stop looking outward for the answer that's only going to come from inside when you decide you’re worth the effort. 

How is this memoir different?

Pretty Wrecked is not just a memoir about my addiction. Yes, I tell all the train wreck details, but then I spend the last third of the book talking about all of the lessons and rewards that have happened because of that focused work on myself and my recovery. I didn't just want to present to people what they couldn't do or what they were walking away from, I wanted to present to them what they were walking towards - all of the wonder they would experience as they embarked on this journey of change. 

It IS a journey and change IS hard. But I’ve been in the trenches and clawed my way out. The final chapters of Pretty Wrecked encapsulate that process and the lessons I have distilled from my experience. Lessons and mindset I still practice to this day.

How are we going to do this?

One day at a time. It’s just as simple and as complicated as that… 

Get (un)Wrecked

Verge Yoga, Wayne PA
Tue Aug 27 @ 5:30

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