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Going numb was her only choice...

In this captivating memoir, one woman's journey unfolds - from the darkest depths of teenage abuse and addiction to the heights of personal and professional success. Her brave and vivid narrative, skillfully blending laughter and tears, reveals the enduring beauty that can emerge from life's darkest moments. Marked by scars and illuminated by triumphs, this is a gripping read for anyone who has faced adversity, dared to hope, and believes in the boundless power of redemption.


"A tale of grit told with brutal honesty and a hefty dose of humor by the woman who lived it. Pretty Wrecked is pretty awesome, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet figured out how to live the life they deserve."

~ Angela Duckworth

Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Author of "Grit" and Co-Host of "No Stupid Questions"



"Compelling, honest and relatable, Tracy's inspiring story will help anyone who wants to understand addiction. Pick it up for the personal story, keep it handy for the hard-earned wisdom she so generously shares. "

~ Lisa Smith
Author of "Girl Walks Out of a Bar"

While you're waiting...

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Check out Tracy's playlist of songs from the pages of Pretty Wrecked  - the soundtrack of her childhood and her journey to recovery

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